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Kangaroo named Scooby-Doo stolen from Kentucky farm

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Scooby-Doo the kangaroo, where are you?

The owner of a 10-month-old marsupial named after the iconic cartoon character says someone broke into the baby kangaroo’s stall after closing time and stole him Sunday from Hillview Stables in London, Kentucky.

“Yeah, he’s still gone,” an exasperated Angi Smith told The Post early Wednesday. “We’ve had a few calls and got some messages, but it’s not him.”

Smith, who runs Hillview Stables, said someone crept onto the property after 8 p.m. Sunday and stole her beloved Scooby-Doo from an indoor stall along with a custom pouch he sleeps in.

“Somebody took him in the middle of the night,” Smith said. “Somebody came back after we closed and took him.”

Smith reported the theft to the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office, which relayed the info to state police, she said. But she had no leads as of early Wednesday – and time is critical due to Scooby-Doo’s urgent need for specialized milk procured from a supplier in Michigan. Without the high fat-content milk, he may die within days, Smith said.

“He’ll get dehydrated and he’ll get diarrhea,” she said. “He could possibly make it without it, but he’s not going to grow right. He needs to have the right kind of minerals in his body.”

Smith said she’s offering a $500 reward for Scooby-Doo’s safe return and $1,000 if he’s brought back along with information leading to an arrest. He’s one of many exotic animals housed at the farm, including emus, llamas, donkeys and water buffalo.

Hillview Stables notified the public of Scooby’s theft in a Facebook post late Monday. A baby spotted pig was also stolen from the farm just two weeks ago, it said.

Hillview Stables.
A baby spotted pig was also stolen from Hillview Stables (shown here) two weeks ago.
Facebook/Hillview Stables

“Yesterday someone had the balls to go in the stall with Scooby-Doo … and walk out with him,” the post read. “Angi has bottle fed him every 6 to 8 hours for two months and loves him dearly how can anyone do this, I don’t understand.”

Smith said she’s certain Scooby-Doo didn’t escape because his pouch was also missing. No surveillance footage is available because she has never had the need for cameras before, the distraught manager said.

But Smith is holding out hope that someone will do the right thing and reunite her with Scooby-Doo. Sheriff officials, meanwhile, say they’re aware of the alleged theft and will open a case when they got a solid lead, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

“I will come and get him and not press charges if you just let me have him back,” Smith pleaded to The Post. “I will continue to search for Scooby-Doo until I find him.”


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