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Jordan Burroughs’ wife Lauren shuts down MMA talk real fast

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Jordan Burroughs wants to step into the cage, but his wife is less than thrilled about it.

The decorated freestyle wrestler, who won Olympic gold in 2012, took to Twitter Wednesday to confess, “I want one MMA fight before I retire. Just one.”

Burroughs’ wife Lauren immediately shut down the idea in a pair of funny tweets in response to her husband.

“I literally left you to go down to the gym for an hour and you lost all control,” she wrote.

In a second tweet, Lauren shared a GIF of former First Lady Michelle Obama ripping a phone out of President Barack Obama’s hands.

“Actual footage of me coming home a few minutes ago,” she tweeted. “MMA world, carry on…”

Burroughs’ tweet had some fans eager to see if he’ll actually take on an MMA bout since earlier this year, he was whistling a different tune.

In January, the New Jersey native said on “The Jim Rome Show” that getting in the cage is something he’s “not really interested in doing” in his career.

“I’m a big fan of MMA. But at the end of the day, I love wrestling No. 1, and No. 2 I just don’t want to get punched in the face,” Burroughs said. “It’s such a different sport. In wrestling, if you lose, you get taken down, you might have gotten put on your back and pinned.

“But if you get beat in a fight, you get choked out, tapped out, someone’s broken something. Wrestling match, if you lose, you go have dinner with your family. MMA, you lose, you go to the hospital.”

At the time, Burroughs said he believes he could “translate well” from wrestling to MMA.

Whether he decides to participate in MMA or not, Burroughs added, “But I’ll be an advocate for it because I love watching it.”

Burroughs, 33, has five World Championship golds, most recently winning the 79 kilogram gold at the 2021 Worlds in Oslo earlier this month. He and Lauren married in 2013 and the couple has four children.


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