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Ex-WFT cheerleader Melanie Coburn slams Roger Goodell

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Former Washington Football Team employee Melanie Coburn blasted the NFL for its refusal to release the full investigation results into to the team’s workplace culture.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday that the league will not release the review findings due to individuals requesting anonymity.

Coburn said it’s a “cowardly thing to do.”  

“I think it’s completely false. Using us and our anonymity to shield the NFL is just a very cowardly thing to do,” she told Fox News.

On Tuesday, Coburn crashed the NFL owners meeting in Manhattan, where she hand-delivered letters urging the league to release its findings — which she believes contain a history of “serial sexual harassment and assault” within the WFT under owner Dan Snyder.

“There are ways to release reports with names redacted, and if there’s any delicate matters they can go through and withhold some of that information,” Coburn said. “It’s been done, it’s done all the time, and it’s unfortunate that they are using that.”

Attorneys Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, who represent more than 40 former WFT employees, issued a statement on Wednesday, informing Goodell that “our clients do not wish any further ‘protection’ from you by withholding this report.”

Melanie Coburn is pushing for Roger Goodell to release the NFL's report on the Washington Football Team.
Melanie Coburn is pushing for Roger Goodell to release the NFL’s report on the Washington Football Team.
AP Photo; Ryan Dunleavy (Inset)

Goodell, during Tuesday’s meeting, said he believed Snyder and the WFT were held “accountable” when the team received a $10 million fine in July, following investigation’s completion.  

“That is not a fine and that is not a punishment that fits the behavior and the years of toxic work culture and serial sexual harassment and even assault in some cases,” Coburn said. “I don’t think that he’s [Snyder] been held accountable.”

Wednesday, Raiders Owner Mark Davis said he believes the league should publish the full report — which also exposed former Raiders coach Jon Gruden for using homophobic, racist and misogynistic language. Gruden stepped down from his position on Oct. 11.

“It was encouraging that Mark Davis came forward. I appreciate his support,” Coburn said. “I also think he has a personal interest in this with losing his head coach the way he did.”

Now Coburn is looking forward to the Nov. 4 deadline House Democrats set for the NFL to release its full investigation report. Last week, Congress sent a letter to Goodell, expressing “serious concerns” about “widespread abusive workplace conduct” within the Washington organization. 


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