Easy Made Snacks for Travel Food Ideas

If it is comes to summer, you always want to spend your time to go to travel. However, when you travel mostly you did not eat healthy food because you just eat everything that you find on your journey despite thinking about whether the food is junk food or the healthy one. So, when you want to go on travel you need to have a certain plan. The plan will help you to organize and maintain the health and food consumption. The best way to have a healthy food during travelling is by making your own menu that you prepared in your house. There are several Travel Food Ideas that could inspire you in making your food for traveling.travel food ideas_8

If you think that making a main course dish to bring in a travelling is so heavy and not efficient, you could bring home made snacks that are healthy and easy to make. Here are some Travel Food Ideas for snacks that you could bring from your house to accompany your journey.

  1. Granola or Trail Mix

Trail mix as an easy snack to prepare is worth trying. What you need is just mixing together different variety of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. You could choose your favorite nuts and then divide into small containers. Or if you could also bring your own granola cereal which you can just eat easily in your hand. This snacks idea will be a relief in your stomach if you cannot catch up a lunch time.

  1. Whole Grain Muffins

If you like to have a cake, you could make an easy made muffin cake before you travel. You could choose variety of taste or recipe such as pumpkin, zucchini, banana, nut or cornbread for your muffin. You could bake the muffin before you travel and it will be kind of easy and tasty snacks during your travel time.

  1. Apples and Banana with Peanut Butte

If you want to have simple snacks, you could bring apple or banana and put a peanut butter on it. You could change the peanut butter if you have allergy. This snack will fill up your energy for a while before you find the place to stop and eat the food that you want as the main course.

  1. Frozen Peas

If you like peas, it is good for you to bring peas your travel snacks. However it is good for you if you could keep the peas frozen. The peas will act as temporary ice when you pack them. This will be good and health snacks during your travel time.

  1. Brown Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are a kind of all love snacks. You could make the rice crackers in your house or you can find it easily in the shop or market. You could combine this snack with peanut butter or any other topping that you like. It will be a tasty and healthy snack that could keep up your energy. Travel Food Ideas for snacks are the best way to fill your hungry stomach.

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