Best Seafood Restaurant in Bali You Must Visit

A lot of people talk about Bali as one of the heavenly places in the world. Bali has a lot of things that could make people fond of Bali such as mystical ceremonies and dance, vague beaches, wide rice terraces and blossom scented air. Bali is one of small islands in Indonesia surrounded by waters that make Bali rich of fresh seafood source. Bali seafood can be enjoyed in any places whether you eat the seafood in roadside café or world-class fine restaurant. If you want to enjoy Best Seafood Restaurant food, here are the perfect places to seafood restaurant_1

The first Best Seafood Restaurant that worth to try in Bali is Meads. Meads becomes Best International Restaurant in Bali 2013 awarded by Indonesian Government. Meads restaurant offers you simply-prepared seafood in a warm environment. The owner of the restaurant, Warren Mead, is very concern with the choice of the seafood that this restaurant cooked. He chooses the seafood from Jimbaran Fish Market by himself that make this restaurant always change their menu using variety types of seafood such as prawns, lobster, squid, Bluefin tuna, and other fresh seafood.

For people who did not really like seafood Mead also offers another non-seafood menu such as Australian tenderloin, roasted chicken, burgers, pizzas and special menu for kids. So, you could invite all of you family members to enjoy the fresh seafood dishes from this restaurant. Besides the tasty seafood dish that you could enjoy, the interior of the restaurant will add more cozy feeling. The interior are made similar with Nusa Dua Beach that has sand floors and beachy furnishings look.

If you prefer to dine in an awesome place with direct view to the ocean, you could choose Rock Bar restaurant. Rock Bar restaurant has gained its international popularity recognition for its stunning location. Rock Bar also includes in the list of world’s best bar leading by famous international media such as Forbes Travel and New York Times. The location of this bar is amazing, located in the top of the rocks 14 meters above Jimbaran Bay. It provides you with 360 degree view to the ocean so you could dine while having a sunset view.

To reach this bar, you could ride a cable car ride down to the cliff face and this is the things that make this restaurant different from any other seafood restaurant in Bali. You could also see music performances by world-famous band and DJs that perform regularly in this restaurant. The menu in Rock bar includes lobster spring rolls and calamari fritti.

If you want to try the Best Seafood Restaurant you should not come to Los Angles or Boston or any other place, you just need to visit Bali. Bali becomes the source of tasty seafood dining in the world. Meads and Rock Bar are just only two among many Best Seafood bar in Bali. When you visit Bali, you should make sure that you visit this restaurant and enjoy the heavenly food and view in Bali.

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