Best Restaurant in Surabaya for the Newcomers

Different with other cities in Indonesia, Surabaya has its own way to express its city in dishes. The dishes offered in this city are so local. That is why there are many restaurants which make the visitors and tourists do not want to get back to their home. The best restaurant in Surabaya is the reasons why there are many newcomers visit Surabaya. The transportation matter is the main reason but then the following reason is the dishes that can make them feel more enjoyable and more restaurant in Surabaya_9

Where to Find Good Food in Surabaya

The first thing that you need to try is the local food. But if you need more time to decide which place to stop, worry not. The only thing you need to do is just dropping by Bu Kris. The restaurant which is located in Abdul Wahab Siamin street can be called as the most traditional favorite food in Surabaya. Many dishes are offered there. You can try beef ribs, iga penyet (pressed rib), or sambal terasi. Even though you already know the taste of the local food in other cities, you will never find any that food besides originally in Surabaya after you try it.

The finest restaurant which is also called as the best restaurant in Surabaya is in the field of Citraland area. It is especially in the Dream of Kahyangan Art Resto. This is the stunning place where you can eat at your own home. The ambience, the decoration, and the ornament are all well-arranged. The very nice view is about the architecture. The architecture is so unique. The combination of Chinese and Javanese structure becomes so much beautiful with some collection of antique objects. Besides, the dishes are also amazingly served.

From few past years, there are many restaurants which are built to accompany the whole dishes time in Surabaya. There are some new choices for the best restaurant in Surabaya. One of those newest places is the Domicile Kitchen and Lounge. This restaurant is really different with other mentioned restaurants. It has very distinctive features and views. The western ambience is what makes this restaurant look trendier than the others in different ways.

The most incredible and the finest dining restaurant in Surabaya will never get away from Citrus Lee. It has been really popular when this restaurant is firstly built. It is because the chef is one who is directly taught by the teachers in Le Cordon Blue, Paris. Besides the very finest chef, the services are also quite outstanding. And at the same result, it is also combined with the real dishes in French gourmet.

Even though you already have visited some very highest quality of the best restaurant in Surabaya, you will always feel empty when you do not drop yourself in Warung Bebek Goreng H. Slamet. This restaurant already has branches in all over Indonesia, especially in Java. And it has been declared that this restaurant becomes the national favorite. It serves fried duck as the main dishes. Besides, there are any other additional menus.

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