Be the Part of the Best Restaurant in Bandung

There are many things to offer when you get yourself in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. But then, you cannot obviously deny the temptation of the best restaurant in Bandung. That is the very first and the very last wishes that people in Bandung are really wanted for. It has been facts that the food in Bandung is exceptionally special. It has many things which cannot be found in other place in Indonesia. Besides, the weather, the ambience, and the local people are also the meant factors of all. That is really great spot to restaurant in Bandung_2

Dare Yourself to Enjoy the Best Restaurant in Bandung

The most famous place when you are talking about the best restaurant in Bandung is the Mie Rica Kejaksaan. It is one of many legendary noodle shops in Bandung. It is caused by the spicy noodle that it is offered. There are many options of spicy for the noodles. The spicy is differed by levels. So when you pick the higher level, you will get spicier. About the decoration, actually there is nothing special. The restaurant can be categorized as the smallest one. Even though it is small, there are always queues and crowds lined up.

Lawangwangi Creative Space is the real café as the best restaurant in Bandung. Café will never get bored when it is located in a very fine view. That is what happened to this café. In some ways, it can be called as café because everything served is so simple and the intention is not only for dishes but also for arts. But at the same purposes, it is also called as restaurant because the dishes are the real dishes and the aim is also for the dishes. So then, there will be no other eating-place, which can combine arts and dishes except this spot.

Bandung is so identical with leisure and vacation. Besides, the architecture and the city layout are also incredible. That is why Bandung is also called as Paris van Java. You can see the miniature of big Bandung in the form of the best restaurant in Bandung in Motzen. It is all everything about. The decoration, the view, the people, and the dishes are all Bandung.

Rivers are the most important parts of a city. And most beautiful and great city always has very beautiful rivers, so has Bandung. You will find so many great rivers along Bandung. And the most excited things are the fact that the market is all the beauty of the rivers. You can shop for the traditional food in the floating market. Specifically, you can visit floating market Lembang for the proof.

Besides the best restaurant in Bandung, there are also foods which are iconic to Bandung. Those are Batagor and Tahu Lembang. Those are the local food from Bandung. Even there are many foods which are offered as the same name and recipe, but you will never get more satisfied if you do not try the most original from it. You can find it in Batagor Kingsley and Tahu Lembang.

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