Best Restaurant in Yogyakarta for Your Unique Experience

When you see Yogyakarta for the first time, then you will find yourself floating among the crowd of the Indonesian culture actions. That is just what people can define Yogyakarta. But then, the best restaurant in Yogyakarta can also be one of the most powerful and meaningful ways to understand the whole culture plethora. It is because Yogyakarta is the home for all tribes in Indonesia. It is the melting pot of all ethics and languages from all over Indonesia. So then, it will be so natural when there is some fact about the best restaurant in restaurant in Yogyakarta_3

The Complexes of Cultural Dishes

One of the very finest ways to make a good call for your appetite is through having a good visiting on the Kedai Kebun. This is the real way of having a very cozy dining time. It is located under the Banyan tree. And the whole decoration is actually really cool. It is all arranged in very contemporary way. But at the same time, there are many classic ways which will define Yogyakarta. Also, this place is emerged as one of the prime social area of the local citizens.

Named because of the height of the location, Omah Dhuwur is one of the best restaurant in Yogyakarta. It is actually located in Kotagede. It is one of those many old towns in Yogyakarta. And mostly, all the old towns will have so many old spots. And this restaurant is one of those many spots. The restaurant is located in 150 year-old building. There are so many ornaments and decoration which are gained from the colonial era. But the building is the combination between the Dutch designs with classic Javanese traditions.

Yogyakarta is also the home of all beautiful scenery. You can find so many beautiful spots with so many really stunning landscapes. One of the options for best restaurant in Yogyakarta is through having this beautiful scenery as the backyard. Abhayagiri is the restaurant which will bring you to the outmost of the unrivalled views. It is placed 30-minute long from downtown. There you will find the best view in Yogyakarta. It is the Prambanan temple in one side and Merapi mount in the other side.

It is not always about the traditional culture in Yogyakarta when you are trying to find the best place to eat. You can find the best ambience in Mediterranean. That is the restaurant where you can really enjoy an urban look beyond the classic ambience. This is very unique combination. And the dishes are so popular. It has so many varied foods from traditional to the unknown ones.

As the ultimate offer, you can really enjoy Yogyakarta when you are already into the street. The street is where you will find the best part of having the best restaurant in Yogyakarta. There, you can also find the best food. It is specifically located in Malioboro. Everything served there is so local and you will never find any of them in other countries. Also, you will find the hospitality of the Yogyakarta people.

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