Being Spicy in the Best Restaurant in Surabaya

As one of the most populous metropolis cities in all over the world, Surabaya has become nowadays popular with any things. One of them is the best restaurant in Surabaya. It is because there are so many local foods which can be found in this place. Surabaya has defined themselves as the very fine dining area for those who want to have a very fine dining and eating place. The spicy food is the very best food local. And that thing is the reason why there are so many people comes through to restaurant in Surabaya_8

The harbor in Surabaya has been defined as one of the best and the most metropolis harbor in Indonesia. That is actually real fact. After Jakarta, Surabaya becomes the most rapidly growing city. Surabaya has become so powerful because there is one restaurant which will define the harbor thing. That is the Layar Seafood as one of the best restaurant in Surabaya. This restaurant is the defining aim for what the real meaning of the second biggest harbor in Indonesia. Everything there is so fresh and the dishes are so varied.

Soto Ambengan becomes also popular because there is only one dishes served. It is different with other restaurants. This restaurant will serve the best way of eating and dining ways and also becomes one of the options for the best restaurant in Surabaya. It only serves Soto Ayam. That is the most famous dishes in Indonesia. And almost every city has its own version of Soto Ayam. In Surabaya, the most famous dishes will be in Soto Ambengan. It is made from chicken broth combined with various spices, and this is popular in Indonesia. And ambengan is the name that it is originally coming from Surabaya.

You can also visit Tempo Doeloe as the alternatives. This great restaurant will serve you the best dishes from the very classic ways. The ways are about the place, the ambience, the dishes, and also the directions. It is very cozy place. This restaurant will bring you to the ultimate way of eating. With the best wooden furnishings, the bamboo ceiling, and also the very fine tiled floor, you will find the truest peace there. If you want the original dishes, the Tahu Tek Tek will be your companion.

For the more attractive experience, you can go to the House of Sampoerna. This is actually not literary as restaurant. But it is more about Café. But the way it is served and arranged is very outstanding. This restaurant is mainly built for the museum intended. But from time to time it is changed. Still, there is one single way to make it more interesting, it is through adding Café. So then, whenever you order the dishes, at the same time, you can enjoy the preservation in the museum. That is why it is called as one of the best restaurant in Surabaya.

Those are just what you can really enjoy in Surabaya. It starts from so many simple ways in enjoying the holiday till pleasuring moments for having a very relaxing time with your friends or families. Everything is just served well there. Then, you do not need to worry when you are visiting Surabaya for your first or second time. There will always be best restaurant in Surabaya.

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