Keep Your Taste Up with the Best Restaurant in Jakarta

Countries in Asia have now become rapidly growing. It is also happened in southeast area. The most known cities for rapidly growing news are Jakarta. People can really see how dense Jakarta is and nowadays because of the density, this city becomes the epicenter of all the cuisines. And the international cuisine has smelled its taste. There are so many luxurious restaurants which will always keep its taste. And also, with the local behavior of Indonesian people, the hospitality, the restaurants in Jakarta is the righteous place to eat. This is the reason why finding out the best restaurant in Jakarta is pretty restaurant in Jakarta_5

Get to Know Food Culture in the Best Restaurant in Jakarta

You can start to visit the Harum Manis. The very fine dining spot where you can find the most cultures in the world of Indonesia, this restaurant is the favorites. It is one of the most luxurious places to eat in the whole world of Jakarta. The place can be called as classic ones and all the favorite things are very traditional. The dishes are so cultural and elegant even though it is placed in very classic way of Indonesia culture.

Some foreigner’s restaurant can also be found in this city. The best restaurant in Jakarta has also served the other nationals’ food local. You can see it in Angke Restaurant. The very fine dishes from China have been moved here. This restaurant will serve you with the most delicious dishes from china. You can consider the Hakka Chinese as the best part of the city’s identity. And this restaurant is gifted with that cooking style. That is why the dishes offered are so authentic and so original with the flavors directly from china.

Dapur Babah can also help you to define the very finite environment of Indonesia. This restaurant is built since decades ago. It is specifically built in around 1940. But the place is only for the shop house. It is not yet as the restaurant. Because of that long history, this restaurant becomes so real and original. But nowadays, the interior gets some changes. It is adjusted with the updated interior style. But the old ambience will still be preserved.

Sea is what Indonesia really closed with. And the seafood is the most famous dishes in the world of Indonesia. Jakarta is one of those seafood cities. Bandar Djakarta is where you will find the most favorite and popular dining area for the seafood. This restaurant will serve you the most original and fresh food from all over Jakarta. The most interesting thing is coming from the way you choose the dishes. You can directly choose from a big aquarium to select your wanted dishes.

Then, the last best local cuisine which will be the best restaurant in Jakarta is the Seribu Rasa. This local restaurant will serve you to have the very big taste of the dishes. There will be so many Indonesian local cultural dishes. You will find the very best pomfret combined with mango sauce.

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