Try Harder to Soon Taste the Best Japanese Restaurant

There is no doubt that Japanese food is so original. It has its own way to express its taste. And also, it has many options to be the best food. So then, there will be the best Japanese restaurant in the world which will make your Japanese dream comes true. But the thing is that there are more than 20.000 Japanese restaurants in all over the world. There are so many restaurants which can make your appetite always on the peak. If you look for the best five, then you need to really notice these japanese restaurant_3

Try for Some Best Japanese Restaurant All Over the World

Three star rating is the criteria how can the restaurant be called as the best ones. The best Japanese restaurant will have the three star rating. Hamadaya is one of the best restaurants which will satisfy you with the highest level of Japanese food and dishes. It is established in 1912. That very long history is the reason why this restaurant can have the best original Japanese food from all over the world. If you look at the place, you will find a peace and joy there. The original Japanese garden and the traditional ways of place arrangement are the other reasons of that three star rating.

If you want to have a really unique experience when you are having the Japanese dishes, you should go to Kiku. This restaurant is really special. It is not built in Tokyo or Nagasaki, but it is built in London. That is the reason why this restaurant becomes so special. Besides, this restaurant has a unique way to serve the dishes. The chef will make the served dishes right in front of the diners. So then, they can really enjoy the process while they are waiting the other dishes.

The top 50 best Japanese restaurant is next lies on Paris. The restaurant is really cozy. And at the same it is so simple. The arrangement of the restaurant can be called as almost the same with the usual modern Japanese restaurant. The food served is very original. You need to try the food. This food is so strong and delicious. Because of the food and the place there are many artists who come to visit this restaurant. One of them is Keiko Kishi.

If you visit San Francisco, you can still find the best part of the best Japanese restaurant. The Sushi Ran is the restaurant’s name. That is the top five most favorite restaurants in Bay Area. Also, at the recent success, this restaurant receives the Michelin star for the food and any other best restaurant criteria’s. The very fine combination between very nice Pacific Fusion and the traditional Japanese ways, his restaurant becomes so popular.

Everybody already knows Robert De Niro, this person is one of the most famous people in the world of action film. And this is the real person who loves Japanese food. That is why, he build the best Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. He has a good relationship with the famous Japanese chef, named Nobu Matsushita. And this restaurant has reached almost 19 restaurants worldwide.

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