Travel Food Ideas Chicago: 5 Places to Get Great Foods

Travel food ideas Chicago guides you where you can find the great foods with the great price. You know, Chicago is a wonderful place with an appetite. There are many to visit in Chicago. But of course you cannot miss its foods. Besides foods, it is also famous for its culture, history, and design. You will enjoy your days in Chicago to get gorgeous views of the city including enjoying Lake Michigan, come to Field Museum and others. Just don’t forget to come to the windy city where it is said as the most welcome city for food ideas chicago_9

First of travel food ideas Chicago is Freddie’s Pizza and Sandwiches. This place is said as a Bridgeport hole. It has great hot dogs that you must try. It is loaded with relish, tomatoes, pickles, sausage and celery salt. Every traveler who comes to Chicago, this place should not be missed. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Chicago as well as enjoying its great dishes. Well, there are many restaurants but this one must be visited. Even you don’t need to worry about the price.

The second travel food ideas Chicago is The Chicago Diner. Chicago has so many tasty options starting from foods for vegetarians to for you who love everything. This place is said as a relaxing haven that you can find to enjoy meatless dining. You can come here in the morning, noon or at night as it offers you great breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are on weekend, then you can order the tasty menu called with Hash and Tofu Scrambler. It has scrambled tofu, potato hash, spicy tempeh, vegan biscuits as well as gravy. It has fresh fruit. There are also other great menus to order to enjoy.

Third of travel food ideas Chicago is Everest. This place is famous in around Chicago. It has really fine French foods. It is not only the great foods that offered to you but also the scenic view of Chicago as it is located in the 40th floor of Chicago Stock Exchange. Dinner in this place is even more romantic. This is a classy place with tasty menus to enjoy. It has Roasted Maine Lobster and others from the great chef’s signature. This place must be visited for your great eat experience.

Fourth choice of the travel food ideas Chicago is Frontera Grill. This place is famous as it has celebrity chef, Rick Bayless. This place offers classic Mexican cuisine. This place has been opened since 1987. It still has original menus that are tasty. There is something makes this place is special. It is not only about Mexican menus but also the place itself and sure the signature of the chef. This one must not be missed from your food and travel adventure list in Chicago.

The last choice of the travel food ideas Chicago is MK. MK is voted as one of the best American restaurants here in Chicago. It has excellent foods. The chef, Michael Kornick creates great menus that everyone can taste. Meat, seafood and the perfect ingredients are mixed brilliantly to create great taste. You will love the interior decoration of the place. Don’t miss this one for your great food and travel adventure.

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