5 Food Travel Guide Book You Must Have

For travel addict or travel wonder, food travel guide can give you more than just a journey to reach your destination or the tips for traveling around the world but also give you the best foods from the best place during your journey. You know, when you are traveling around the world, it is not only about how you will get there but also what can you eat there. The following books will guide you to get the right foods from the right places. You can try cooking the recipes in your kitchen.food travel guide_4

First of the food travel guide that you must have is The World’s Best Street Food. This book will surprise you with the information about culinary around the world. It is like the best sandwich that is not found in Copenhagen, Rome or New York. But it is found on the streets of Vietnam. It is because when you are trying foods from the street you will find the heart of the local cuisine as part of their culture. In this book, you will get best recipes with easy instructions to travel around the world from your home.

Second choice of the food travel guide you must have is Food Lover’s Guide to the World. This book is said as a delicious gift that you can give you all food lovers in your life. This book can guide you to the lifetime of great eating experience. It is like traveling around the globe to get the best food to taste. Your awesome culinary adventure can be started from this book. You will absolutely love the recipes or foods in this book. You can indeed starting the foods from your kitchen.

Third idea of the food travel guide you must buy is A Fork in the Road. This book will tell you about tales of great foods including pleasure as well as discovery on the world’s roads. This book comes from brilliant food-obsessed writers as well as chefs who share their life food experiences. This book guides you to find incredible food recipes around the world in different way. You will absolutely love this book including how the book tells the tales.

Next book of the food travel guide is The Food Book. This book is like a journey that comes from the great cuisine in the world. Here, you will find raucous family feasts, fine dining, street food and markets. This book will guide you travel around the world through amazing pages. You can explore each country to get the bet defining dishes, essential produce including for the culture of preparing. You can find classic recipes that you can try at home. This book is great for foodie traveler.

The last book of the best food travel guide you must have is The World’s Best Spicy Food. Just like the name, this book will make you get a wonderful tour around the world to get the spiciest cuisine. If you like spicy foods, then this book is the best choice. You can find spiciest foods from Malaysian laksas, Sichuan hotspots and also Mexican salsas. Everything here is spicy and has great taste.

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