Where Find the Best Hotel and Restaurant in Solo

Some cities are meant to be twinned. Cities all over the world will likely have factors which will make those two cities are really similar. One of those twinned cities is Yogyakarta and Solo. These two cities are mostly the same. It is the same located in the central area of Java. But the difference comes when it is about the culture. Solo will be more classic and traditional rather Yogyakarta. And that is why there are many visitors and tourists come to visit and find the best hotel and restaurant in Solo.

best hotel and restaurant in Solo

Solo is actually very nice and comfortable place to stay. The people are so friendly. It has been announced that the friendliest people in Indonesia is located in Solo. Also, there are many visitors come to Solo. It is not only for those who want to find the best hotel and restaurant in Solo, but also those who want to study. There are many scholars and schools which are exceptionally great in this city. Also, the traditional crafts are also really beautiful, it is called as batik.

People who want to go on vacation into this city will sometimes take the train or planes as what we had done before. The other will take busses for some reasons. In some ways taking those public transportations will harden you. It will make you feel limited to go anywhere you like. But in Solo, there will be exception. The best part of having holidays in Solo is that there will be so many options for those public transportation user. Also, there will be complete information about the best hotel and restaurant in Solo.

You can get around town by Taxi but actually it is really not suggested. You can get public transportation, but it is also limited. The best part of those options is that you can remove all those limited reach by renting a car. And if you are difficult to find the best one, you can jump in to docar.co.id. Based on the experience, there will be so many great advantageous that you can really enjoy. There will be a really fast response, an affordable price, options for cars, and also the very best service for the cars.

At the same time, docar.co.id can help you to find the best to eat. The best hotel and restaurant in Solo is actually easy to find. But if you really want to have a very original experience, you can find it in Soga restaurant and Lounge. It is located in downtown. There will be casual dining treatment with the most incredible traditional Javanese ambience. For the alternates, you can try 1863 Restaurant and Lounge. It is really a classic way to eat in Solo.

For the best hotel and restaurant in Solo, you can just drive in your car from docar.co.id to the Sunan Hotel, Baron Indah Hotel, or Lor-inn Solo. Those are just the options for the best staying place in Solo. But from all of those hotel options, the highest rate hotel will be in Lor-inn Solo. That is one of the few hotels in Solo which get 5-star rating.

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