5 Best Indian Restaurant You Must Visit

Best Indian restaurant here come from some countries. You can say these Indian restaurants are the best in the world even you can find one or some of them are also the best restaurants in the world. It means they are not only ranked based on the votes of among other Indian restaurants but also from all restaurants in the world. If you love Indian restaurants and you are in the one of the following places, make sure not to miss them. They have great menus to bring you to life.best indian restaurant_7

First of the best Indian restaurant is Gymkhana in London. Well, there are many great Indian restaurants in London. Gymkhana is one of them as well as the best one of them. This restaurant offers Raj era in India for the offering. You can say this restaurant is really exclusive. On weekends, you will see a very long line of them who are enjoying the menus of this restaurant. So, it is good idea to book the table first. Without a reservation, you may not have a chance to taste the foods.

Second of the best Indian restaurant is Gaggan in Bangkok. This restaurant is in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. It is also in the top list of the best Indian restaurant in Asia. No wonder if this restaurant is always full of guests. It is not only about the amazing taste of the foods offered to you but also the interior decoration. Once you are here, you should try the top picked menu. It is called with the big mango. It is actually a freeze dried mango that is presented with a white chocolate snowball.

The next of the best Indian restaurant is in Washington. It is Bombay Club. This restaurant is not so far from the White House. It has lavish interior decoration. This restaurant can be said as the finest restaurant for your great dinner. Here, many important people become its guests. You can say congress people, lobbyists, media honchos and lawyers. The number one person in America, President Bush was also a guest here. The atmosphere here is festive with piano music. It is really wonderful become its guest.

Fourth of the best Indian restaurant is Amal that is located in the Armani, in Dubai. Talking about Dubai, you should understand about its lavish standard. This restaurant just reflects the luxury and modernity of Armani hotel. Everything here is perfect starting from the interior decoration, music, service and sure its menus. You can really enjoy its best menus to bring you to life. If you are in Dubai, make sure you come to this restaurant as it has really good menus with perfect taste that you need to try.

Talking about Indian restaurant, it will not complete if we don’t mention Amaya in London. This is also voted as the best Indian restaurant in London. This Indian street food becomes really popular right now. It is blessed with the great taste for the menus. What about the price? This should be good for everyone even with deep pocket. This restaurant is really perfect for you.

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