Best Indian Restaurant London You Must Visit

The best Indian restaurant London here will show you some of the best restaurants with Indian foods. Well, there are many Indian restaurants in London. However, you deserve to get the best choice. As you know, either you are Indian people or not, Indian foods have great tastes as the foods have various ingredients, you may say the foods have complete original Indian ingredients. That is what makes Indian foods are different with others. Sure, it should be made by Indian people. Here is the indian restaurant london_6

First of the best Indian restaurant London that you must visit is Amaya. This chic bar has many menus to taste. You can taste its best foods like grill that is cooked on the thick iron place or called with tawa. Try also its great sigri or coal grill. The foods are really great in the taste and presentation. The restaurant has beautiful light and decorations. For you who are also looking for Awadhi dishes that are originated in Lucknow of the height of Mughal Empire, Amaya is the right place to visit. Its price is about £££.

Next choice of the best Indian restaurant London is Chutney Mary. Here there are also so many menus you can try. The owner of this restaurant also has Amaya, Veeraswamy, Masala Zone group and also Masala Grill. But you can say Chutney Mary is the pioneering restaurant as it is since 25 years ago. It was the first time they put Indian foods on the map of London. You should not ask about the taste of the foods or the interior decoration of the restaurant as it has perfect taste and lavish decoration. Its price is about ££££.

Dishoom is also as the best Indian restaurant London. There are three branches of this restaurant. First branch is in Covent Garden and third branch is in King’s Cross. Dishoom is located in Shoreditch. You can say this restaurant is one of the best restaurants to eat in Shoreditch. The interior decoration of the restaurant is beautiful with mosaic floors. It creates charming look. The foods or menus are also great. It even has modern Indian menu. Your money will be worth it here. Its price is about ££.

Fourth of the best Indian restaurant London is Gymkhana. Many people vote this restaurant as one of the best one. It has Indian Colonial feels inside. It has retro accents. This restaurant offers the great foods only. The cooking is also modern in approach. The foods as well as the recipes really bring you to life. You may get amazed with the Indian punches that are presented in the sealed medicine bottles and with silvery goblet with ice inside. Its price is about £££.

There are still more other best restaurants with Indian foods in London that you can try to taste how Indian foods have great tastes to try. It doesn’t matter if you are Asian or London people or even others because Indian foods with its complete ingredients are good for all tongues. If it is the first time, you may just need some times to be familiar with. The best Indian restaurant London can give you the best Indian foods.

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