10 of the Best in Washington DC to Do

There are many of the best in Washington DC that you must do. It is even not enough to explore Washington just in couple days. So, you need to get the right places for your short days in Washington. In the morning, you can explore the city with farmer’s market as well as contemporary exhibits. In the afternoon, go to Lincoln Memorial. You can go to the Washington Monument. Catch a show in John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts there. During March into April, go to Tidal Basin to get amazed with pink cherry blossom.

The best in Washington DC is Lincoln Memorial. There are many monuments in Washington DC. But this is the best one that you should not miss. It is about monument, memorials, and sightseeing. You can also read its history that will make you amazed. Next place to go is Vietnam Veterans Memorials including going to Korean War Veteran Memorials. This is the second place that you should visit to know the most moving war memorials. You can read its history to know more. These places are very favorite places for tourists.best in Washinton DC_4

Third place of the best in Washington DC to visit is Tidal Basin. If you are planning your days in March into April, then Tidal Basin really offers you a wonderful view of the pink cherry blossom that will absolutely make you get amazed. It is so romantic, lovely and lively as well. Fourth place is Washington National Cathedral. This Cathedral was built in 1907. It is the sixth largest Cathedral in the world. You can get amazed with its construction, architecture as well as the history.

The best in Washington DC that you must visit next is National Gallery of Art. This museum is really amazing. If you are an art connoisseur, then this museum is the right place you must visit. This museum will give you more information that makes you get amazed with its architecture as well as what inside it. Then, if you still love exploring museum, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is the great place to go next. There are many things here that make you attracted as there are many tourists come here each year.

Next of the museum that attracts many tourists and as the next place of the best in Washington DC that you should not miss is National Air and Space Museum. It is said that this museum gets 9 million tourists or visitors for each year. It is here about aircraft and other wonderful things. Still about museum, you should not miss National Museum of Natural History. Here, you will see 126 million artifacts even more than that number. This museum also attracts million visitors each year.

The ninth place of the best in Washington DC is John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Here is about entertainment and also nightlife. Many tourists recommend others to visit this place because of some reasons. You should not miss it. The last is the White House and also the Washington Monument. These places should not be missed even if you are on short trip in Washington.

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